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    Bourjois Paris Smoky Eyes 4,5gr 15 Bleu Nuit

    (Κωδ. 164115)

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    Bourjois Paris Smoky Eyes 4,5gr 15 Bleu Nuit

    • Contained in a modern and feminine compact case, are three hues of complementary intensity. At the back, professional make up artist tips will help you to achieve step by step a “classic smoky” or a “fashion smoky” eye look.
    • Manufactured with the same process which has made our Little Round Pots famous since 1863, these eyeshadows possess the same qualities of flexibility and softness: an ultra fine, silky, micronised formula for an amazing blend, lasting 8 hours.
    • The ergonomic, double-tipped applicator has been specially designed to outline your eyes according to your wishes.
    • And what’s more, its formula respects the delicate eye area :
      • Enriched with mineral powders
      • Free of fragrance
      • Dermatologically tested
      • 6 combinations of 3 shades are now available in store for a different smoky look everyday!
    • Sweep a fair, radiant, sheer shade under the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye to make your eyes look brighter
    • Blend and stretch on the mobile lid a medium shade to enhance your eyes with colour


    Κωδικός προϊόντος 164115
    Barcode 3052503941516
    ΦΙΛΤΡΑ ΣΚΙΕΣ Παλέτα, Στερεή
    Οίκος BOURJOIS
    Φύλο Γυναικεία
    Ποσότητα 4.5GR

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