Welcome to iPostOnline&Win from iShopOnline!


Post online and Win!  You can get immediately 5€ discount for all orders over 50€. Just take a picture of the order you have received from iShopOnline, post it at iShopOnline's Facebook Page Wall   and we will send you your coupon! 


Conditions of Use:

  1. Post your piocture at our Facebook wall. You should also leave any comment regarding your order, from the day you placed it and until you have received it. (Like order progress and updates, packaging, etc.)
  2. IT is not necessary to like our Facebook page, but we advice you to do so. That way, you will keep track of our new products and offers.
  3. You should take picture of all the products inside the package (products ordered, bussiness cards etc.), except packaging materials. iShopOnline Logo must be cleraly visible int he picture.
  • Failing to follow our conditions, will result in not geting the discount coupon.
  • iPostOnline is available up to one (1) time for every costumer account.  



*** Discount coupon is valid only for online orders and not for phone orders.