Refund and return policy

The consignee is obliged to check the contents of the parcel as soon as it is delivered to him/her and to make sure that the products are in good condition and that is exactly what he/she ordered. Once this is done, you have the right to return the products you purchased in the following cases:

a) In case you received a product that has been damaged during transport or is defective: If the interior has been damaged you are obliged to keep the packaging in exactly the same condition as you received it, together with the materials inside it (e.g. bubbles-styrofoam), in order to deliver it to the transport company for expertise. You must also submit all the accompanying documents (such as proof of purchase). Non-compliance with these terms will also mean non-acceptance by us of compensation or replacement. In the case of a defective product, we are obliged to replace the product and if this is not possible, the refund of the amount you paid for the purchase of the product and shipping.

b) You have the right to unjustifiably withdraw within fourteen (14) calendar days from receipt of the product, returning it to its original condition, without incurring any costs, except for the costs of the original shipment and return. Excluded from this condition are products which are not available for immediate shipment and are on request as their supply is made exclusively for the service of the specific order. In the latter case, the cancellation and refund of orders placed and paid by bank deposit / Visa / PayPal, belongs to the discretion of the company.

c) Unjustified returns of products whose packaging does not have a safety tape or gelatin on the grounds that the recipient has changed his mind and wants another product are not accepted. (e.g. lip gloss, mascara, pencils, lip liner, eye liner, nail polish and generally items that come in contact with the skin to be used, for reasons of hygiene and health protection, as well as tester perfumes, shampoos, masks etc where it cannot be ascertained whether it was used or not).


In any case, the basic condition is that we have been contacted at most up to two (2) working days from the date of receipt of the product, and the product is in its original packaging, sealed and has not been used (exception in the latter of course it is the case of any product that is defective and its use was necessary to ascertain). The return of products, which are considered defective during delivery (DOA) will be accepted within five (05) calendar days from their delivery to the customer for the other product categories. At the same time, the product must not be damaged and must have all the original documents that accompanied the product (eg D.A.T., Rep. Retail, etc.) and complete its packaging. As soon as we receive the product back, we will immediately return its value to a bank account that you will declare to us. If the reason for returning the product is due to our own fault, we will bear the shipping costs for its return and in this case there is no charge for the customer. In any other case, you undertake at your own expense to send it in the way in which you received it (registered or courier) and in safe packaging in order to avoid damage during transport, at the headquarters of the company located in Serres, on Makedonomachon Street , no. 9, ZIP code 62123. In the latter case, the value of the product is returned to the customer without including shipping costs or cash on delivery costs.

** Product returns are not accepted on the grounds that the fragrance is not genuine. All our products are accompanied by legal tax documents stating the name of the product you received and this is our guarantee that you actually received this product and not some other "type perfume", they have a listed production code from which you can check the date product production through global consumer sites such as &, or even contact the product's home. In case a perfume is returned that does not meet the conditions of the defective, the customer is charged for his return (3€) and his return (3€). If it is really defective, a new one is sent or all the money he paid. **


Wholesale special conditions: For wholesale purchases that are exclusively for traders and have lower pricing, the right of consumers to withdraw does not apply. All wholesale orders are pre-paid as soon as the availability of the products is confirmed, by sending the pre-invoice. Cancellations are accepted only for products that were in stock in our warehouse at the time of ordering and there is a fixed charge of € 20 for the management of the request. For all other products that are on special order, the possibility of cancellation is not provided.